La nostra azienda

For over twenty years Pilottofibre Srl deed in the textile market .

It deals with the collection, sorting of fibers and textile products, all with the aid of its own, also in recent years has leaned even in the plastics industry. Operates throughout the national territory with an extension in the international markets.
The main activity of the company is to pick up at the spinning and weaving mills, textile waste and by-products, which after a careful sorting and selection by our qualified staff, pressed and packed.
The bales are therefore stored, ready for sale.

The materials in our warehouse are divided into:
• Textile Materials
• Plastics
• Industrial rags

We also have permissions to the recovery and transport of textile waste, plastic non-hazardous.


Waste and residues from manufacturing operations are subjected to processes of fraying, carding and weaving next, and then be reused as new regenerated fibers. We carry mostly the collection and selection of synthetic textile materials, natural and artificial, such as:
• Wool
• Cotton
• Pezzame
• Nylon
• Other materials intended for open-end spinning, carded and wadding machine


We buy and sell:
• The EP or polyethylene, a material obtained by polymerization of ethylene.
• The PP is polypropylene, a plastic compound which may have different characteristics. Are commercially available products that must have a high breaking strength and a low density, or a good heat resistance, with rigid forms that do not easily scratch


We have permissions to the recovery and transportation of non-hazardous waste textile and plastic, to ensure a complete and efficient service to our customers.